Teachers of Higher Consciousness

A few weeks back I had a strange thought while I was at work.

I don’t think I belong to this planet. I don’t think these are my people. 

I imagined a far away planet that was home to my origins. These dreamy thoughts consumed me for quite awhile.

Little did I know that I was on the right track. The universe confirmed my suspicions the very next day when I had a Skype call with one of the psychics that I had met at the Body Mind Spirit Expo.

Near the end of our call she surprised me with these words:

“I believe your a starseed. You volunteered to come to this planet for the specific purpose of raising earth to a higher level of consciousness. I knew it the moment I met you. I’m a starseed as well.”

I had never heard anything like this before, it was a whole new mind blowing concept. I felt my soul waking up to this strange awareness that this was the very message that I had been unknowingly pondering the day before.

It dawned on me that I had been drawn to teachers of higher consciousness for years now. New Age spirituality  was by far my favorite section in book store and I felt the pull towards it every time.

These teachers of higher consciousness that sparked my interest were:

  •   Wayne Dyer
  •   Louise Hay
  •   Danielle LaPorte
  •   Gabrielle Bernstein

I believe that all these individuals are starseeds just like me. They are doing the very work that I see myself doing in the future, the work that I’ve begun here with this blog.

I feel that this knowing has been trying to emerge for years but the negative energy that I’ve held in my body has prevented it from becoming fully formed.

The thoughts that I created in my mind have been blocking me from evolving into who I’m supposed to become.

I don’t have enough money.

I’m not good enough.

There’s too much to work though. Too many bad things have happened to me. I’m irreversibly broken. 

Nothing that I do ever works. It’s just too hard. I’m so weary, I don’t want to try anymore. 

There’s an ocean of pain consuming my soul. If I try to work though all this, the floodgates will open, I will be consumed, and I will drown in the weight of my emotional trauma. 

I’ve been tormented by my past for too long but the universe has finally made me aware of my helpers because I opened myself up to other possibilities.

When I was at the Mind Body Spirit Expo, my rational side was saying:

Your spending too much money. Just wander around and observe, but don’t talk to anyone. Your just going to end up cleaning yourself out. 

But a part of me wondered:

What if I do have enough? What if the universe brought me here to show me that abundance is available to me? What if there’s something I need to learn from this experience and I can’t learn it from the sidelines? What if I have to be all in? Am I willing to go all in?

And to that my spirit said: Yes! 

I remember making my way around the room and I found the experience to be altogether different because of my openness. I began to talk with different psychics and healers, slowing getting a feel for what the universe had for me that day.

I’m so glad that I didn’t sit that one out. I’m forever grateful that I let myself be fully invested in the experience. Without that special day, I would not be awakening to the reason for my existence and the purpose of my coming to this planet. Everything is unfolding so quickly because I said yes. I chose to let go of self limiting thoughts and begin the journey of tapping into my limitless power.