Car Accident

On April 27th I made the brave move of putting in my notice at work. Three days later on April 30th I got into a car accident and destroyed my vehicle.

Talk about having an entire life makeover in one fell swoop.  

In a matter of days my whole world had flipped upside down. It’s been just over a week now since the accident and I realize that in the grand scheme of things, this could be a strange and bizarre gift from the universe.

I was going 50 miles an hour when I realized the car in front of me had stopped. I hit the brakes, but I knew that I was about to crash into the car in front of me. There was that brief moment where I wondered if I was about to go into a coma or be physically injured to the point of needing emergency surgery.

There wasn’t even enough time to consider the possibility of death.


That is, until the moment after.

I took a deep shaky breath. I had just gotten into my first car accident.

I had just survived my first car accident. 

I’m alive. 

I saw the car in front of me pull off to the side while I watched smoke escape from the hood of my car that now looked like a crushed soda can.

Even though the other driver was already on the phone I reached for mine and called 911. While I was doing so, the realization hit me that I should get out of the car before I risk the possibility of being inside a car that bursts into flames.

The universe sent helpers to aid me in this trauma. I felt as though I had a mother, a brother, and a best friend in the form of these strangers I had never met.

“Mom” took the phone and spoke with the 911 operator.

“Brother” went to go get my bag from the car and search for my insurance card.

“Best friend” looked in my panicked eyes, held my face in her soft hands, and told me to breathe.

The paramedics looked me over and asked me questions, as the shock of what just happened to me sent me into a daze.

Did I really just get into a car accident? Is this really happening? 

I was taken in an ambulance to the hospital where my “best friend” was waiting for me. Her and I connected in such a way that I felt like I had known her all my life.

I had been asking the universe for friends and more specifically a best friend to call my own. I had also felt the strange pull of the ocean calling my name for quite a few weeks now since I had a conversation with a my psychic mentor about living near the coast. It seemed as if this unlikely connection may have been the answer I was looking for, but didn’t know how to find.

My new best friend began telling me about her life and the subject of her college plans came up. She said that she was moving to Pensacola, Florida next month. I felt my heart sink. I finally met my best friend and now she’s talking off to the coast.

Then she said something entirely unexpected.

Come with me. 


I’m serious. You should totally come with me. I need a roommate. 

I didn’t know what to make of all this. I had just quit my job, got into a car accident, and almost died. Now the universe is prodding me to make plans to move?

I have thought about nothing else since this happened. My lizard brain has given me ample reasons to stay and continue doing what I’m used to. But then my spirit leaps into the conversation and wants an adventure, an experience of freedom, and a whole new way of being.

I can’t help but wonder if the universe is saying:

Hey girl, your on the wrong track. Here’s the right one. Go for it. Do something brave for once. Find yourself. You already know the life you want is by the ocean. Your soul needs that. Give your spirit what it craves and everything else will fall into place. You’ll see, just go. 

My lizard brain and my soul have been bantering this past week. I feel like it’s about time I start listening to my soul. Without any sort of guarantees or promises, I feel my spirit saying it’s time for a change, a big one. It’s time to get out of Illinois.

I feel like near death experiences bring about the realization that death is such a real possibility and it’s about time to engage in real soulful living. The kind of living where your spirit is bursting from inside you because you just know that your finally on your way to a fulfilling life. 









Teachers of Higher Consciousness

A few weeks back I had a strange thought while I was at work.

I don’t think I belong to this planet. I don’t think these are my people. 

I imagined a far away planet that was home to my origins. These dreamy thoughts consumed me for quite awhile.

Little did I know that I was on the right track. The universe confirmed my suspicions the very next day when I had a Skype call with one of the psychics that I had met at the Body Mind Spirit Expo.

Near the end of our call she surprised me with these words:

“I believe your a starseed. You volunteered to come to this planet for the specific purpose of raising earth to a higher level of consciousness. I knew it the moment I met you. I’m a starseed as well.”

I had never heard anything like this before, it was a whole new mind blowing concept. I felt my soul waking up to this strange awareness that this was the very message that I had been unknowingly pondering the day before.

It dawned on me that I had been drawn to teachers of higher consciousness for years now. New Age spirituality  was by far my favorite section in book store and I felt the pull towards it every time.

These teachers of higher consciousness that sparked my interest were:

  •   Wayne Dyer
  •   Louise Hay
  •   Danielle LaPorte
  •   Gabrielle Bernstein

I believe that all these individuals are starseeds just like me. They are doing the very work that I see myself doing in the future, the work that I’ve begun here with this blog.

I feel that this knowing has been trying to emerge for years but the negative energy that I’ve held in my body has prevented it from becoming fully formed.

The thoughts that I created in my mind have been blocking me from evolving into who I’m supposed to become.

I don’t have enough money.

I’m not good enough.

There’s too much to work though. Too many bad things have happened to me. I’m irreversibly broken. 

Nothing that I do ever works. It’s just too hard. I’m so weary, I don’t want to try anymore. 

There’s an ocean of pain consuming my soul. If I try to work though all this, the floodgates will open, I will be consumed, and I will drown in the weight of my emotional trauma. 

I’ve been tormented by my past for too long but the universe has finally made me aware of my helpers because I opened myself up to other possibilities.

When I was at the Mind Body Spirit Expo, my rational side was saying:

Your spending too much money. Just wander around and observe, but don’t talk to anyone. Your just going to end up cleaning yourself out. 

But a part of me wondered:

What if I do have enough? What if the universe brought me here to show me that abundance is available to me? What if there’s something I need to learn from this experience and I can’t learn it from the sidelines? What if I have to be all in? Am I willing to go all in?

And to that my spirit said: Yes! 

I remember making my way around the room and I found the experience to be altogether different because of my openness. I began to talk with different psychics and healers, slowing getting a feel for what the universe had for me that day.

I’m so glad that I didn’t sit that one out. I’m forever grateful that I let myself be fully invested in the experience. Without that special day, I would not be awakening to the reason for my existence and the purpose of my coming to this planet. Everything is unfolding so quickly because I said yes. I chose to let go of self limiting thoughts and begin the journey of tapping into my limitless power.





Tapping into other realms

After the conference, I felt like I had entered a whole new experience of life.

Weird things started happening to me.

I woke up one morning and I saw these lights on my ceiling. As I slowly become more conscious, I realized these were not lights I had ever seen before.

They appeared to be emanating their own light. 

Something strange was definitely happening to me. I had opened a gateway to the spirit world. Life became magical in a way that I had never experienced personally.

I grabbed my phone and snapped pictures of these lights that were shape-shifting on my ceiling.

I knew I was witnessing something spectacular, but I had no idea what these lights were.

I emailed a psychic that I had just met at the conference to inquire about the strange lights.

This was her reply:

Hi Marissa,  Wow! These photos are of orbs, which are disembodied spirits. People often see and photograph similar images on ghost tours. It feels like they might be the presence of your mom or a very close family member who has passed and is trying to show you how close and connected they are to you. 

Spirit orbs? I didn’t even know they existed. I’d never taken ghost tours seriously. I had no idea there were spirits in my room that morning. I would later find out that spirits are all around us, we just don’t usually see them.

I was in awe. I felt so honored that a spirit chose to come visit me. 

I wondered if it was my mother. She passed in November 2008 from a brain tumor.

I had reverted between the polar opposite beliefs that she was either in heaven or that she no longer existed at all.

What a relief to learn that even when your body dies, your spirit never dies!

My mom still exists somewhere out there in the universe! My heart was leaping with excitement. It was probably her! She’s still with me!!

I was glowing for days after this experience. I couldn’t stop smiling.

I began to soak up everything I could about the spirit world. I read books, watched YouTube videos, listened to podcasts, and began meditating every chance I got.

When I closed my eyes I started seeing bright colors, lights, and intricate patterns.

My vibrations began to rise higher.

I felt this strange awareness that my third eye was opening.

I began to realize that by going to the conference, I had opened a door to other realms.

I intuitively knew that things were going to start changing for me.

Life is going to unfold in a different pattern for me. I’m re-creating my existence. I’m tapping into another reality. This was undeniably mind-blowing!

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

I never thought it would. Now that it has, all I have is gratitude for a universe that is ever expanding and ever evolving.

Our current and past experiences of life don’t have to dictate our future.

We have the power to change, even this moment right now can change in order to create the best possible future.

It’s all about tapping into other realms. This is how we become powerful beings. This is how we shape our destiny.


What I learned from the Body Mind Spirit Expo 2017

The Body Mind Spirit Expo was my first full blown exposure to the spirit world. I’d had encounters in the past with the spirit world on a smaller scale, but nothing like this.

I was raised in a traditional Christian home and rigid beliefs were ingrained in my mind at a very young age. Over the years my reluctance toward Christianity grew, until I had the strong inclination to walk away from the church.

This was a difficult step for me because I never thought of it as an option. It was a step I never thought I would take.

Fast forward to the Body Mind Spirit Expo.

While I had let go of my Christian beliefs, I still had many strong misconceptions that needed to be dismantled. The list below is the most profound new beliefs that I took away from that weekend.

  1. Psychics are not to be ignored

When I was growing up and I would see a sign that lit up a window displaying: “PSYCHIC READINGS,” I would wonder who in their right mind would give their money to some gypsy with a glowing ball to look into their future.

Now my perspective has shifted greatly. While I do think there are psychics out there who have not mastered their craft, there are plenty who excel at what they do and should not be disregarded.

Tyler Henry is one psychic that I’ve grown to respect and I’m blown away by his powerful connection to the spirit world. I’ll include links down below if you’re interested in learning more about his work.

  1. Past lives are real 

This came as a very real shock to me because I had never considered that past lives was something to take seriously. I was raised to believe that we each had one shot at life and that is all.

One psychic in particular awakened my curiosity toward the subject of past lives. I had just attended her talk in one of the conference rooms upstairs and I awaited anxiously for what she had to say to me.

I held a crystal in my hand that I had just purchased from her session. As I walked up to her, she took my hand that held the crystal and she gripped it tightly closing her eyes. She asked for my name and then she said, “You are a very powerful psychic. I believe one of your past lives was in Egypt, you were a Seer but you got into some trouble. Also, you took care of cats. I think you should get a cat.”

Get a cat? That’s the all important message from the universe?

I felt baffled and confused by these words, but never the less I took them seriously after what I had just witnessed in her session.

I later found out that animals can help psychics tap into their natural abilities. I also learned that healing past lives in important so if I got into trouble that may have even led to my death it may very well have carried over to problems in this life.

  1. Chakras are extremely important

Chakras are the energy centers within our body. When they are blocked, our bodies cannot perform at their optimum level. Blocked chakras can also give us insights into the trauma that may have occurred in a past life which had not been healed and is causing problems in this lifetime.

It is extremely important to take these blockages seriously because they will cause health problems. Our bodies will eventually break down and the illnesses that arise could simply be negative energy that is stored up that needs to be released.

For years I’ve had thyroid problems and I haven’t done much about it since I’m resistant to the care of doctors. I’ve had two psychics tell me that my throat chakra is completely blocked up and it is causing most of my health problems.

  1. The universe is in a state of awakening

This was a prevalent theme that I came across at the conference and I found it very intriguing as I’m in my own awakening process. Many sources that I’ve come across seem to illustrate this point. People all over the world are awakening to the spirit within that is calling them to a better life and a contribution to a better society. One site that I found was painting a picture of entering the 4th and 5th dimensions and I felt my heart leap when I read the words since this is the very thing that is happening to me. I will reference the site below if you would like to explore for yourself.

  1. We all have spirit guides on the other side 

This was a nice surprise because I’ve been feeling lost and confused all my life. Knowing that I have powerful spirit guides on the other side who are always eager to help me was a relief to my conscience. I have yet to fully understand how to connect to these guides as this is all new to me, but I’m very excited to draw near to them and understand why I’m here on this planet.

  1. Follow your intuition

Your energy is a powerful guiding force, this special intuition was given to you as a compass to direct you as you navigate life. When my energy feels very heavy like a dead weight, I know the universe is signaling that I’m going the wrong way. When my energy feels very light like a dancer, I know that I’m going the right path.

I started attending yoga classes a few months ago and it was there that I found stacks of magazines they were giving away for free. I opened the page and found the beautiful advertisement for the Body Mind Spirit Expo. When I saw it my heart lit up and all my senses came to life. I knew I had to go simply because of that powerful feeling.

That experience was a turning point in my life and I don’t believe I would be writing this post or creating this blog if I had not gone. There are a lot of things that I would not be doing if I had not gone. I believe that the moment I made that decision, the universe started shifting things around and I began the process of putting myself on a different timeline.

This new timeline is one that will serve my spirit’s emergence from the hidden place deep inside and put me on a path of a great awakening. I’m excited to blog about my journey as I step into the unknown and experience a life that is full of wonder.

Tyler Henry 

Link to his book here:

Link to his reality TV show here:

Jafree Ozwald

Information on the 4th and 5th dimensions: This site is written by Jafree Ozwald. Click on the link below to learn more.

Body Mind Spirit Expo 

Link to their website: