About Me

My name is Marissa.

I’m a writer and an avid reader.

I dream of traveling the world.

I live for the adventure of new experiences.

I’m an intuitive, empathetic, introverted woman.

I collect of information and insight for the joy of learning and the purpose of sharing it with others.

I’m gradually developing my spiritual awareness and looking to connect with other explorers, light-workers, and inspiration seekers.

I imagine a future where I use my psychic abilities to tune into people’s gifts, blind spots, and their personal sacred path toward enlightenment.

I have visions of sharing my ideas on spirituality with a devoted audience.

I can see myself creating a future where my writing inspires an inner awakening in others.

I can see a collective force joining together to form a new community of enlightened living.

I plan to contribute and fully invest my soul in this divine purpose.

This is my journey.





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