Tapping into other realms

After the conference, I felt like I had entered a whole new experience of life.

Weird things started happening to me.

I woke up one morning and I saw these lights on my ceiling. As I slowly become more conscious, I realized these were not lights I had ever seen before.

They appeared to be emanating their own light. 

Something strange was definitely happening to me. I had opened a gateway to the spirit world. Life became magical in a way that I had never experienced personally.

I grabbed my phone and snapped pictures of these lights that were shape-shifting on my ceiling.

I knew I was witnessing something spectacular, but I had no idea what these lights were.

I emailed a psychic that I had just met at the conference to inquire about the strange lights.

This was her reply:

Hi Marissa,  Wow! These photos are of orbs, which are disembodied spirits. People often see and photograph similar images on ghost tours. It feels like they might be the presence of your mom or a very close family member who has passed and is trying to show you how close and connected they are to you. 

Spirit orbs? I didn’t even know they existed. I’d never taken ghost tours seriously. I had no idea there were spirits in my room that morning. I would later find out that spirits are all around us, we just don’t usually see them.

I was in awe. I felt so honored that a spirit chose to come visit me. 

I wondered if it was my mother. She passed in November 2008 from a brain tumor.

I had reverted between the polar opposite beliefs that she was either in heaven or that she no longer existed at all.

What a relief to learn that even when your body dies, your spirit never dies!

My mom still exists somewhere out there in the universe! My heart was leaping with excitement. It was probably her! She’s still with me!!

I was glowing for days after this experience. I couldn’t stop smiling.

I began to soak up everything I could about the spirit world. I read books, watched YouTube videos, listened to podcasts, and began meditating every chance I got.

When I closed my eyes I started seeing bright colors, lights, and intricate patterns.

My vibrations began to rise higher.

I felt this strange awareness that my third eye was opening.

I began to realize that by going to the conference, I had opened a door to other realms.

I intuitively knew that things were going to start changing for me.

Life is going to unfold in a different pattern for me. I’m re-creating my existence. I’m tapping into another reality. This was undeniably mind-blowing!

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

I never thought it would. Now that it has, all I have is gratitude for a universe that is ever expanding and ever evolving.

Our current and past experiences of life don’t have to dictate our future.

We have the power to change, even this moment right now can change in order to create the best possible future.

It’s all about tapping into other realms. This is how we become powerful beings. This is how we shape our destiny.



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